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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I know that I said that the posting would improve...

and I meant it too. But real Life continues to intrude, this afternoon with time off from the job to run errands and chase some papers that are needed tomorrow for a meeting about my security clearance renewal.

Tonight was more fun as it entailed a trip to Red Lobster to celebrate the BSU's birthday! That's right, she is 28 years old and looks every bit of it! We did have a wonderful dinner with Noah & Lily joining us and we all ate too much. I certainly did!

My ongoing cold really got to acting up at dinner and caused me to have a sneezing and coughing fit that I thought might never quit. But I'm safely home now and already have the NyQuil on board, so there's no staying up late for me tonight.

Go say hi to the newest Axis of Weevil member, Pammy. She looks like she might be an entertaining member of the group. So go say Hi to her and encourage her to dump those Blogger comments and get it on with Haloscan comments, poste haste!

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